About this Course

  • WPC Rules & Regulations

    Robin Tully, QSD, PE, ToR will review the Water Pollution Control Rules and Regulations that you will need to know before you start working on your project.

  • Basic BMPs

    Learn about the basic implementation and maintenance of common Best Management Practices (BMPs) so that your project will run smoothly.

  • Prepare your Team

    Use our online course to safely learn the basics of Water Pollution Control from the comfort of your own home or space. Social distancing is easy with this online course!


  • Is this a required training?

    Yes! This training has been required for all contractors and subcontractors prior to working on a Caltrans project.

  • Where can I find this training requirement?

    It's under the 2018 Caltrans Standard Specs under Section 13 Water Pollution Control. It states that, "Employees must receive initial WPC training before starting work at the job site".

  • What topics will we cover in the training?

    WPC rules and regulations, Implementation and maintenance of: Temporary soil stabilization, Temporary sediment control, Tracking control, Wind erosion control, Material pollution prevention and control, Waste management, and Nonstormwater management.